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Are you a survivor?

12. 12. 2017


If there was an earthquake and I was indoors, I would _____ under a desk or a table.

I wouldn´t _____ outside.


If I was shipwrecked on a desert island, I would _____ for fresh water.

I wouldn´t _____ to build a boat.


If I was in a car and I saw lightning, I would _____ in the car. I wouldn´t _____ out of the car.


If I smelt smoke in the middle of the night, I would _____ up and _____ for the fire.

I wouldn´t _____ back to sleep.


If a dog bit my leg, I would _____ to _____ the owner of the dog.

I wouldn´t _____ about it.


If I was outdoors and there was a tornado coming towards me, I would _____ indoors and _____ as close to the centre of the building as possible.

I wouldn´t _____ into a car.  



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