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9.A - piatok 16.11.

14. 11. 2018

Doplňte do viet slová z cvičenia 21/7.


Our ship will travel round the world. It will follow _____. From May to September it will sail in the northern hemisphere. From October to April it will sail to South America, Africa and Australia. So it will be always summer on board.


Bad weather won´t be a problem for our ship. The ship will be very big so it won´t move even in _____.


Our ship won´t damage the environment. We will burn the _____ to produce electricity.


We know we can´t use the _____ from the ocean to drink or cook food. But we will recycle _____ from baths, showers or sinks.


We aren´t afraid of any criminals. We´ll be ready for them. We´ll have our own police and there will be cameras everywhere. If some _____ try to attack our ship, the police officers will defend the ship with guns.





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Happy birthday!

9.A,16. 11. 2018 8:07