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Stiahni vo Worde tu, vytlač si a prepisuj z vytlačenej predlohy. Prepisovaním z monitoru počítača si zbytočne ničíš oči.


Hi, Brad.

Greetings from Portugal. It´s great here. We travelled by boat to northern Spain and then we drove down to Portugal. It was a long journey but we played computer games in the car and we stopped to visit some places in Spain on the way. We had a problem yesterday because I lost my wallet. I put it on the table in a restaurant and then I forgot it. Luckily someone found it.

Hope you´re OK.



Hi, Angie.

We´re on holiday in Scotland. We arrived on Saturday evening. It was a long train journey but I enjoyed it. I slept a lot and I looked out of the window. On Sunday we went to the beach. Yes, there are beaches here. We had a good time there. We played volleyball and we swam in the sea. The water was very cold. Yesterday it rained so we visited an old castle . It was very spooky.

Love, Tamara.




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